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6 Relief Techniques for Common Conditions Among Seniors

6 Relief Techniques for Common Conditions Among SeniorsOn Monday, we took a quick look at four common conditions and health problems facing adults over age 65. As it is right now, the landscape of American healthcare for older adults? It’s not great—in fact, over 21 percent of persons over 65 are considered only in “fair” or poor health. You deserve so much more than, “Well… I guess this is just how it is now.” Let’s take a look at some potential relief or prevention techniques.


Anti-inflammatory food. Arthritis, at its core, is inflammation, particularly of the joints. An anti-inflammatory diet filled with foods like omega 3 fatty acids (salmon), collagen (bone broth) or antioxidants (leafy greens, berries) may help with relief.

Low-impact exercise. Lack of activity can make arthritis feel even worse. Easy, low-impact exercise like using a stationary bike or swimming helps keep stress on the joints minimal while still allowing you to move.

Fall-Induced Injury

Keep the details. If you’ve fallen before, you need to talk to your doctor. But before you go, keep a list of everything you can think of—what meds are you on? Do they have any side effects? What were the details of your first fall? Any almost falls? Did any of your conditions play into it? The more information you have, the more likely your doctor will be to figure out why it may have happened and help you devise a plan for future safety.

6 Relief Techniques for Common Conditions Among Seniors


Cut the excess. Eliminate inflammatory food and drink—think refined sugars, red meats, caffeine and alcohol—and replace them with raw cultured dairy, wild-caught fatty fish and leafy vegetables! Go organic whenever possible.

Up the supplements. Are you taking the right supplements? Calcium helps build a foundation of strong bones; vitamin D can help bones with calcium absorption; and magnesium will work closely together with calcium to create strong bones.

Fatigue or Energy Loss

Track and stay active. For many older adults, there tends to be a pattern to the tiredness; start keeping an energy journal and mark down the times you feel particularly tired. Is it after a sleepless night? What about after you eat a certain food? Keep a close eye on your habits, and to combat tiredness, stay active! Even going for a walk or cleaning the house can help up your heart rate and spend some energy, appetite and outlook.