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Setting Up Our Kids for a Future of Wellness

Setting Up Our Kids for a Future of Wellness

On Monday
, we took a look at some of the health problems facing today’s kids,
and now, it’s time to switch it up. The problem is clear, but so is the solution.
In order to help your kids start life with their healthiest foot forward,
it’s time to reconsider your outlook on healthcare.

What’s Going Wrong

So, let’s be honest with ourselves—our current healthcare system is failing. We know this because although designed to make us healthier, we’re somehow getting sicker. The United States is dominated by
“sick care”—ie, care designed to treat those who are already ill. We mask our symptoms with risky drugs, attempt to fix them with invasive surgeries, ignoring the root of the problem in favor of temporary relief; and it’s this kind of system that puts the most vulnerable at risk—our kids.

How We Can Change It

It’s time to reroute our thinking—less emphasis on fixing what’s broken and more on maintenance.
This is the thinking behind preventative care, which is designed to help encourage and maintain wellness before sickness or disease even has a chance to begin. This is especially crucial when it comes to our kids; the choices we make for them (and teach them to make) could be the difference between a future of health or sickness.

The New Healthcare

All children deserve to start their lives with the best treatment options available to them. As chiropractors, we believe in maintaining health and well-being through regular chiropractic adjustments and therapies, good nutrition, regular exercise and great sleep hygiene—especially important for developing and changing bodies.

Setting Up Our Kids for a Future of Wellness

Of course we also treat acute pain and injury, but with a focus on prevention, we’re setting the scene for
a future of optimal wellness. Over the years, chiropractic doctors have received feedback about the benefits of kids and chiropractic, treating kids with a wide variety of conditions. Here are just some of the ways chiropractic can help.

  • Treat and manage injury
  • Decrease or eliminate symptoms of ear infections
  • Naturally treat ADHD symptoms
  • Increase immune system function
  • Decrease asthma symptoms
  • Help manage weight issues

Do you know a child that could benefit from chiropractic care?