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Top Supplements You Should Be Taking

Top Supplements You Should Be Taking

With fads in everything from food to fashion to fitness, it’s sometimes difficult to know where the “truth” really lies. Supplements are here to stay, and here are the ones we recommend incorporating into your daily diet.

The Big Six in Supplements

The amounts of natural vitamins and minerals in our foods are much lower than they once were, as land is constantly farmed and natural resources are consistently used. Because of this, people aren’t getting all of their nutritional needs met by the food that they consume. Studies show that there are the “big six” in supplements that are a strongly recommended addition to your daily diet. These are:

  1. Fish oil (omega-3s)
  2. Multivitamin
  3. Vitamin D (specifically, D-3)
  4. Protein powder
  5. Magnesium
  6. Probiotics

In addition to working out and eating a healthy, balanced variety of foods, it’s also important to “feed” your brain, your gut (this is different than your stomach, in the sense that you need to feed the good bacteria that live in your intestine), your immune system and your muscles. Yes, the healthy food you’re eating is feeding all of these things too, but supplements help round out any deficiencies in your diet and ensure your “whole health” is taken care of.

The Power of Protein (and the proof you’re not getting nearly enough)

Protein is a necessary component to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is not only the building block for stronger muscles, but it also supports your existing muscles. Experts recommend spreading out your protein intake throughout the day, as your body can only use so much at a time. For a man that weighs 180 pounds and works out four times a week, that’s about 81 grams of protein a day. Choose whey protein isolates for quick absorption and make sure to read the label—stay away from powders that add sugar or carbs because it will only add inches to your middle, instead of helping build healthy muscle.

When it comes to choosing your supplements, it’s important to look at brands that don’t add fillers. If you’re vegetarian, this also means checking for gelatin-based capsules and whey (milk) protein.