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The Food Pyramid is Cancelled

The Food Pyramid is Cancelled

You remember the food pyramid, right? It was a favorite of high school health teachers everywhere, handed out as
a worksheet or sometimes even laminated as a poster on the wall. It was supposed to help you learn proper nutritional intake—which serving sizes
were necessary for each person and what foods were best for your body. It seemed like a pretty sturdy guide back then.

However, now, we know a little better.

The Problem With The Pyramid

So, here it is: the food pyramid, as many remember it, is outdated.

And that’s OK! As time advances, so does our knowledge of proper nutrition. The things we knew a long time ago, while an important stepping stone toward
more concrete info, have been changed and modified to fit what we know now. (Remember fat-free foods? Margarine? Eeek!)

The original food pyramid initially advised 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice or pasta every day; this is a HUGE no. It also classified all fats as
bad for you, which is incredibly incorrect. Basically, it was the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

In fact, in 2011, the USDA actually ditched the food pyramid and changed their guidelines; they created a circular plate icon (loaded with foods) that
hits closer to the mark but still leaves a lot to be desired.

The New Food Pyramid

But you still need a good guide, right? Here’s what we recommend instead of the old pyramid or the plate diagram. As mentioned, the traditional one features
6-11 servings of grains and only 3-5 servings of vegetables, and that just won’t do. So, let’s flip it!

Veggies and Healthy Fats

This should be the largest portion of your diet! Concentrate on raw, organic vegetables and healthy fats like coconuts, avocados, olive oil, butter and
raw nuts.

Lean Proteins

The second-largest portion of your meals is grass-fed, organic meat and poultry. This can also include organic eggs, low mercury fish like freshwater Coho
salmon and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, and finally, raw, organic dairy.


While fruit can be a healthy choice, too much can actually be bad for you because of the sugar content. Eat fruit in moderation and enjoy fruits like raspberries,
blackberries, strawberries, citrus fruits and papaya.

Grains and Sugar

We recommend minimal to no consumption of grains and sugars. These include complex carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, corn, rice and
grain products.

The Food Pyramid is Cancelled