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Bring Back the Valentine’s Cards!

Bring Back the Valentine’s Cards!

Remember the cute little cards you used to exchange with your classmates as a child?! The small rectangular cards that came in a thin box with little sayings like “you’re a purr-fect valentine” (with a picture of a cat, of course). Well, today we’re bringing them back—with a little chiropractic twist.

The Power of Handwritten Cards

Handwritten notes are becoming obsolete in today’s world… which is one of the reasons why we encourage you to do so! Dropping a line to a friend or a loved one can cultivate romance, nurture a friendship and keep you connected. In a digital world, your time and your thoughtful gesture will certainly not go unnoticed. You could express your gratitude, point out something you love about your person or just simply wish them a happy Valentine’s Day! And your recipient doesn’t just benefit—you do, too.

More than Words

When you take pen to paper, your brain reaps some big benefits. For one, it improves fine motor skills. It also activates certain parts of the brain that involve thinking, language and memory. And it brings you to the present! When you shut out distractions and give your undivided attention to the task of writing a short (or long!) note to someone you care about, you’re fully engaged. It’s hard to get into this engaged mode in today’s world!

Download Your Free Valentines!

Here are four unique designs for you to choose from—all with a fun chiropractic twist, of course! Don’t forget to add a little personalized note for your loved one.