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The Neck Pain Breakdown: Finding Relief

The Neck Pain Breakdown: Finding Relief

From a major car accident to working a desk job all day to simply turning your head too quickly when someone calls your name—the truth is, neck discomfort can happen at any time.

Are you one of those suffering?

Here’s how you can find relief.

What’s Happening?

There are a variety of issues that may cause neck discomfort and pain,
including muscle
strains, worn joints, injury and disease (like arthritis). However, at the root of these problems is one underlining

condition: subluxation. The neck makes up the section of the spine referred to as the “cervical spine,”
and it’s critical to spinal health. Any sort of misalignment (or subluxation) in this area can cause a whole litany of symptoms,
including neck pain, headaches and more.

A healthy cervical spine has a gentle c-shaped curve facing the opposite way your nose points. Over time, micro traumas, like sleeping on your stomach or staring down at a phone, can cause your neck to lose its natural curvature. Many patients seen at Chiro One Wellness Centers have a decreased curve or a straight neck, and others even have a reverse curve. This decrease in your spine’s intended shape can have detrimental effects and could be a cause of your pain.

What Can I Do?

Instead of more drastic measures like drugs and surgery, it’s best to find a form of gentle conservative care like chiropractic. Supportive exercises, therapies and routine chiropractic
adjustments can help realign previously misaligned vertebrae and potentially restore the healthy curve in your neck, and after beginning treatment, many of our patients see a reduction or elimination of pain!

The Neck Pain Breakdown: Finding Relief

Life Without Chronic Neck Pain

“About 6 years ago, I started becoming less active, depressed and really tired after working at my desk all day. I had pain in my neck, stiffness and [was not able to be as] active as before. I tried painkillers, physical therapy a few times, steroids and massages, and I was scared to try chiropractic—I didn’t think I would [try it] until I met a representative.

Since starting care, Chiro One has really helped me. I am more active, and I don’t take painkillers—I
can usually get rid of the pain by stretching. I’m not as stiff and it’s easier to move my neck.
I’m even driving my car easier, and have better posture. I enjoy life more, and I’m not always thinking about my neck.
I am more active, sleep better and feel very optimistic about being able to start running again!”

-K.O., Burr Ridge Patient