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Chiro 101: Should You Talk to Your Friends and Family About Chiropractic?

Should You Talk to Your Friends and Family About Chiropractic?

Simple answer: absolutely! If you’re someone who’s benefiting from the effects of chiropractic care, the next step after improving and maintaining your own wellness is spreading the word! So many people don’t know how beneficial chiropractic can be for their whole body—and let’s face it, we all know someone who could use the extra help.

The Stats

An estimated 35.5 million people saw a chiropractor in the last year. To put that into perspective, that’s only about 9 percent of all American adults. Not very many, right? But for those who did go to a chiropractor, 77 percent of people saw their care as very affective, saying:

  • The quality of care they received was a good value for the money
  • The chiropractor took time to educate them about treatment options
  • The chiropractor really cares about them

The Results

So, why aren’t more Americans under chiropractic care? Complicated healthcare politics aside, it’s most likely because they just don’t know. The best thing you can do is talk about your own story, because at the end of the day, the power of a percentage pales in comparison to real, lived experience. Here’s how some of our patients are starting the conversation.

“At first, I thought chiropractic wouldn’t work, but now, I think it’s something everyone can benefit from. My neck and shoulder pain has seen lots of improvement—I no longer have to worry about cutting down on activities.” –M.R., Lakeview Patient

“I thought I would have to live with pain, but with chiropractic, not anymore!” –A.A., Orland Hills Patient

“My adjustments help me get through the week. I didn’t realize how much the spine and neck played into my health—but now I know.” –B.P., Libertyville Patient

“I was in constant pain for a very long time. Sometimes it hurt just to get out of bed. After I started chiropractic care, I have better movement in my back and joints—I believe it really helps me. Now I know there’s a “light” at the end of the tunnel.” –L.K., Vernon Hills Patient

“I haven’t felt this good in 20 years.” –D.C., Des Plaines Patient

“The CTs at Chiro One are excellent, helpful and answer any questions I have. The doctor also teaches us something new at least once a week.” –A.O., Schaumburg West Patient

“My hip pain went away… I feel like I don’t need to live with aches and pains just because I’m getting older.” –S.S., Libertyville Patient

“Because of chiropractic, I move more freely and pain-free. I’m enjoying the freedom to do things I thought I could no longer do.” –J.S., Round Lake Beach Patient

“At first, I wasn’t really interested in chiropractic, but now I love it! I can function pain-free and know that I have a plan that will keep me well for the rest of my life.” –A.L., Wheeling Patient

Should You Talk to Your Friends and Family About Chiropractic?