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BONUS: 18 Days to Unlock Your Full Potential eBook!

BONUS: 18 Days to Unlock Your Full Potential eBook!

For the month of January, we shared an 18-day series of posts aimed at true transformation in any area of your life.
We’re excited to announce the series has been made into an eBook featuring all
18 posts! Here’s a glimpse at a few of our favorite posts:

How to Effectively Set Goals—and Achieve Them: Following Zig Ziglar’s 7-step method of achievement, we lay out how you can create an amazing (and actionable!) goal plan.

5 Powerful Ways to Crush Your Negative Thinking: Learn methods to stop toxic and unproductive thoughts dead in their tracks.

Clear the Clutter and Free Your Mind: Learn the science behind clutter’s detrimental impact and put
to use five tips for tackling your stuff once and for all.

How to Feel Less Pain and Experience Greater Happiness: Perhaps the most important post in the
series… Day 8 teaches you one of life’s most important lessons—how to let go.

How to Nurture Your Relationships: Learn the theory behind the Five Love Languages and how you can transform your relationships.

How to Afford Your Lifestyle of Success: Whether you’re in debt, need help saving, starting to invest
or further along on the investment path—this post will have something for you.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Multitasking: Walk through why multitasking doesn’t really work and take inventory on your own multitasking habits.

You Need an Evening Routine: On Day 16, we list out suggestions and actionable steps for your
nighttime routine.

18 Days to Unlock Your Full Potential

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