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Why You Should Have a Vision Board

Why You Should Have a Vision Board (and Simple Tips to Make it Awesome) (Day 13 to Unlock Your Full Potential)

When you envision your perfect future, what do you see? Maybe a beautiful, two-story home with a wraparound porch; maybe that matte black sports car you saw in a movie once; maybe a private beach vacation to a faraway paradise.

Take a long minute to see this in your mind’s eye—be really specific. What is it you see?

Now, let’s get real: Is it something you’re actively working for?

The things you want don’t just happen; you’ve got to put in the work! And it starts with passion, motivation and visualization. It’s time to create a vision board—that is, a collage of pictures, words and quotes designed to keep your eyes on the prize. Here’s how it works, as well as some tips that’ll help you create your perfect vision board.

Why It Works

Seeing tangible, visual representations of our goals and dreams can be powerful motivation to keep moving forward. In fact, research shows that the neurons in your brain interpret images and visuals as real life action. That means that seeing images of a future you want can actually reinforce the desire to achieve it. Just think about athletes—many use imagery as a form of mental training. Before a runner takes to the track, he envisions himself running and winning the race, enhancing his ability to take the gold. This helps him reinforce positive habits, like proper breathing, and motivates his drive to win.

No more “If you can dream it, you can be it.”

Think: “If you can see it, you can do it.”

Simple Vision Board Tips

Get specific. No more of this vague stuff like, “I want to redo my bathroom.” HOW do you want to redo it? Have pictures of everything down to the knobs on the cabinets and the mirror on the wall.

Add words. When people think about vision boards, they usually think pictures. While pictures are super important, add some words in, too—quotes, phrases or single words that inspire you. Any medium is fair game.

Keep it neat. Don’t clutter up your vision board! If you’ve got a lot to add, consider making numerous boards for different visions. You need to see your vision clearly to use it as motivation.

Get good pics. The classic route is using magazine cutouts, but you can also search online to find your specifics. Try using Google image search, perusing the hashtags on Instagram or searching free photo sites like Unsplash or Flickr.

Selfie time! Put yourself on your board! This is YOUR dream, and it can be incredibly motivational and inspiring to see yourself surrounded by your vision. Remember: it’s all about you!

After you create your perfect vision board, take a screenshot or snap a pic of it and share it with us on Facebook, Chiro One Wellness Centers. Hashtag your vision board #MyFullPotential.

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