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Overcoming Knee and Foot Pain

Overcoming Knee and Foot Pain

In the United States, it’s estimated that more than 7 million adults are living with a hip or knee replacement. In many cases, surgery doesn’t guarantee complete relief, but the decision to undergo the knife is irreversible. Before taking drastic, invasive measures, consider gentle, preventative therapies like chiropractic. That’s what these patients did, and now, they’re back to living their lives pain-free. Here’s how they did it.

A New Energy Behind the Chair

“About two years ago, I hurt my knee really bad from working a 12-hour shift behind the chair at the salon. It stopped me from exercising, running and long shifts at work. I got massage regularly and took painkillers every other day. And then my younger sister, who works for Chiro One, explained to me how [chiropractic] could change my career and energy level.

At first, I had no idea what chiropractic was. Now, I have rarely any pain. My knee doesn’t ever bother me anymore—my feet feel great and my hands never bother me, either. I feel like I just prolonged my career as a hairdresser, and I have more energy to enjoy my life after work.”

– S.K., Woodridge Patient

Overcoming Knee and Foot Pain

A Lost Hope Rediscovered

“When I first came to Chiro One Wellness Centers, I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain but also foot pain that I’d lost hope on. My symptoms started about a year and a half ago, including extreme pain that increased my pain medication. My foot pain even caused me to stop exercising. I tried medications, ice, heat and massage. My podiatrist recommended physical therapy.

Prior to joining Chiro One, I thought chiropractic was just for health freaks. But Chiro One is unique, offering physical therapy too, and the unique personalities of the staff are calming for the patients. Now, I’m not in constant pain anymore. It rarely comes back. I was finally able to start exercising again with my foot, getting in better shape and health.

I actually want to get healthy again. I was depressed and full of excuses, and now, I’m trying.”

– T.C., Plainfield Patient