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Don’t Stress: One Patient Finds Stress Relief Through Chiropractic

Don’t Stress: One Patient Finds Stress Relief through Chiropractic

Stress… it’s an unavoidable part of life, right? Sadly true—but it doesn’t mean you have to deal with it all by yourself. Stress can cause extreme distress, not just on the mind but the body as well. If you’re currently suffering from a stress overload, know that you’re not alone and that you have options.

The Stats
A 2014 study by the American Psychological Association found that 77 percent of participants regularly experienced physical symptoms due to stress; 73 percent regularly experienced psychological symptoms. These can range from problems like fatigue, upset stomach, headaches and muscle tension to irritability or anger, anxiety and lack of energy.

Where Stress Comes From
Truthfully, stress can present itself anywhere. It’s at the workplace and at home, hiding in our relationships, health and finances. These external issues activate a direct response in both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, triggering the “fight or flight” response in humans. The nervous system affects every other bodily system, and constant activation of it can easily produce wear and tear in vulnerable parts of the body.

Stress Management and Chiropractic
So, how do you combat it if it’s everywhere? From the inside out! Chiropractic care is an essential factor in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Spinal adjustments can calm that parasympathetic nerve, which in turn calms that “fight or flight” reaction. It can also reduce blood pressure and has had promising effects on cases of anxiety or depression.

Don’t Stress: One Patient Finds Stress Relief through Chiropractic

Don’t Stress: One Patient Reclaims His Life

How can you be sure chiropractic is right for you? See some of the benefits it’s had on those dealing with chronic stress. When this West Loop patient got to a point where he couldn’t get through his days without shaking, he knew he needed help. See how he found relief through gentle, medication-free chiropractic care.

“I came to Chiro One through a promotional screening deal for my girlfriend, dealing with anxiety and stress.

In 2011, I noticed my hands and legs shaking due to high stress levels—it was an annoying feeling, and it got in the way of day-to-day responsibilities. Before chiropractic, I hadn’t tried any other treatments. I refused to take anxiety medications from the doctor. I started out very skeptical of chiropractic. I heard it was a waste of money—and that it was risky to your spine.

Now, I feel amazing! I know that I am doing my best at maintaining my body and overall health. I view chiropractic as a necessity and a beneficial experience. I encourage everyone to undergo chiropractic care if able to do so.”

– C.B., West Loop Patient