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Two Chiro One Patients Say Goodbye to Sciatic Pain

Two Chiro One Patients Say Goodbye to Sciatic Pain

When someone has sciatica, it can completely alter the course of their daily life. The pain, tingling and numbness or weakness can overwhelm everything—physical abilities, hobbies and even relationships may suffer. We understand how difficult it can be, and most of the time, addictive medications and invasive surgeries can make symptoms even worse. But there is hope! Through all-natural chiropractic care, these two sciatica patients got their lives back. See how.

“When I came to Chiro One, I was suffering from lower back pain, sciatica and lack of energy. It started with sciatica pain in 2003. I had to take time off of work a couple of times, and fear of spasms affected my movement and participation in some sports. I tried massage, physical therapy, sciatica therapy, relaxation exercises and chiropractic care [with another practice]—it produced temporary relief, but the symptoms returned.

Chiropractic [with Chiro One] has extended my ability to participate in activities with little or no pain. It has made me more knowledgeable about my conditions and how to live a more healthy life and take preventative measures to avoid injury and health problems.”

– D.M., Burr Ridge Patient

Two Chiro One Patients Say Goodbye to Sciatic Pain

“Sciatica and neck aches brought me to Chiro One Wellness Centers. My symptoms started several years ago—it was hard to sit when going on trips for one hour or more. I had to sit on my fist with the knuckles facing the muscle in my right rear cheek for relief. Before joining Chiro One, I knew chiropractors worked wonders, but I just never stayed long at them.

Now, I enjoy more and really like seeing the progress through X-rays and the exercises given to me. I can move my neck much easier and my sciatica is lots better. My health outlook has changed. It’s much better and healthier, and I feel great.”

– K.B., Bolingbrook Patient