One Woman Finds Shoulder Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery

One Woman Finds Shoulder Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery

Those living with constant shoulder, arm or hand pain know how hard daily activities can become. A lot of people think this pain is normal and that it’s just something they have to live with, but that’s not the case. Check out this story from one of our Lansing patients—after three years, she finally found relief for her shoulder pain through chiropractic care.

“I first started coming to Chiro One after my boyfriend made an appointment for me through his job. I [had been] complaining about pain in my right shoulder and low back.

My symptoms first began about three years ago, slowly but surely getting worse with pain and limitations. It got to the point where doing normal activities, such as housework, walking long distances and lifting medium/heavy items, was impossible. It affected my posture and my mobility… even when I was resting I was still in so much pain. I tried over-the-counter medications that would just mask the pain for a few hours, but then it would come right back throughout the day.

Before joining Chiro One, I was a true skeptic. Working in worker’s compensation, I had heard from different attorneys about “never-ending and costly” chiropractic treatment and care. I was thinking like so many other people… that it was just going to make me broke and I wasn’t going to get the results I needed and wanted.

One Woman Finds Shoulder Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery

After starting care, [chiropractic] has improved my pain tremendously! I am now more mobile, and I am able to do day-to-day activities at home and at work… but most importantly, I am not living in pain anymore! I have learned that chiropractic care helps the whole body overall, and it has helped mine. Becoming educated about chiropractic care and treatment has made me more aware of my body and what I need to do to take care of it so that I continue a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you, thank you to Dr. LaVar and his lovely staff at Chiro One Wellness Centers of The Loop! I am well on my way to a pain-free and happier me!”

– S.C, Lansing Patient