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Two Patients Beat the Aches and Pains of Aging with Chiropractic

Two Patients Beat the Aches and Pains of Aging with Chiropractic

For many, aging can be a scary thing. Your body is changing and you start to lose the ability to do the things that once came with ease. Chiropractic is an important tool to use throughout your lifetime, but especially in those later years. It can help prevent age-related health issues and injuries, and keep you feeling young and healthy.

Aches and Pains Gone After Regular Chiropractic Care

“I had realized that at 74 years old, my body seemed to be slowly getting achier and seemed to be slowly constricting. My legs and back ached and didn’t want to move freely. I saw an information booth at my gym one day, and decided to give Chiro One a try.

Along with the achiness, I was also feeling wobbly and unbalanced as I walked. This made me stop wanting to walk, which was something I had enjoyed in the past. Even going shopping was no longer enjoyable.

I tried medications, such as aspirin for pain, but I mostly assumed that all of my aches were due to old age and nothing could be done for me.

Since I’ve started receiving regular chiropractic care, I feel so limber and rarely have any aches! I enjoy walking again because I don’t feel like I’m going to tip over and I never walk into people as I did before. I can also bend without feeling like I’m going to fall over. The 17 stairs in my house are getting easier every day. I feel secure enough in my body to go back to the gym. I just feel better than I have in years.

Throughout my care, I’ve learned how chiropractic improves the entire body, physically, mentally and psychologically. I would not have believed that before, but my body and outlook are evidence enough for me that chiropractic works.”

-JoAnn J., South Elgin Patient

Two Patients Beat the Aches and Pains of Aging with Chiropractic

Feeling Optimistic about Aging Well

“I came into the office with a flare-up of old lumbar pains, shoulder stiffness and knee weakness. This had started back in 1998, when I gradually began feeling an increased amount of stiffness, pain and weakness. I also experienced a limited range of motion, slowed reactions and less strength and flexibility. These negative changes scared me.

I tried many different treatments—prescription drugs, cortisone, exercises, diets, massages—but I wasn’t finding something that worked. At that time I viewed chiropractic as a risky choice and feared it could cause more damage.

Now, I completely embrace chiropractic. I believe in the philosophy of halting degradation, strengthening the core, increasing flexibility and improving overall health. Since starting care I feel more informed, in control and optimistic about aging well.”

-Scott R., Hyde Park Patient

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