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How Two Patients Overcame Daily Headaches

How Two Patients Overcame Daily Headaches

Because headaches are so common, a lot of people assume that they’re normal—in reality, they’re far from. For those with regular, pulsing headaches and migraines, their lives are harshly affected by the reality of constant pain. Luckily, chiropractic care can address the root of the issue, helping relieve or eliminate headache/migraine symptoms. See how these patients overcame their headache struggles to live healthy, pain-free lives.

“I can play with my dog and cat and God kids again.”

“When I first came to Chiro One, I was suffering from chronic pain, migraines and acid reflux. I can’t remember how long I’ve had it, but I know it was since I was a child. It was debilitating—and it was causing me to miss work. I tried medications and physical therapy.

At first, I thought chiropractic was dangerous, but now, I absolutely love it. I look forward to it every week. I encourage people to do it.

I no longer have migraines or chronic pain. I can now get down on the floor and play with my dog and cat and God kids. I am able to walk longer distances—and it’s much easier to accomplish things at work. Most certainly, I now have a positive outlook. I am making weight loss goals and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.”

-A.Z., Palos Heights Patient

How Two Patients Overcame Daily Headaches

From Constant Pain to Full Potential

“I met a Chiro One representative at the mall and I was drawn in. I was asked: “Have you ever got your spine checked?” And I was interested in learning more about my health, and I was glad I did—I have learned so much about my own body.

I started getting headaches every morning when I woke up, and sometimes at nighttime before going to bed. I couldn’t function mentally and physically. I had a hard time focusing and a short-attention span. I was also tired every day. It affected my daily life.

I took Tylenol or Advil when I got headaches. I also tried a professional massage, but unfortunately, everything was temporary relief. I’d heard from other people who have been to a chiropractor, and they recommended never going if I don’t have a medical reason. Honestly, there’s a negative stigma with chiropractic which was why I was always afraid to see one.

But since coming to Chiro One, my headaches have improved. I don’t get headaches daily anymore; I sleep better; I’m able to have a routine, workout, work to my fullest potential, have a social life and my mood is better.

Through the education embedded within this program, I have learned a lot more about my spine, my results, and my treatment. Everything has helped me learn how I can live a healthy, quality life.”

-I.C., Gurnee Patient