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The Power of Posture: “I Feel Like a Brand New Person!”

The Power of Posture: “I Feel Like a Brand New Person!”

For many people, posture is one of those worries that’s put on the backburner. We know that hunching over at our desks all day is a bad idea, and we know it could hurt us but how can we make it better when poor posture can be such a huge part of daily life? These two patients, both struggling with postural problems and pains, got a whole new lease on life and their confidence levels at the hands of chiropractic care. Here are their stories:

“I feel more confident about myself.”

“Bad posture, constant headaches and my knees hurting on an almost daily basis brought me to Chiro One. Since high school, maybe even earlier, I’ve had constant headaches, and my knees hurting became a nuisance. When my knees hurt, it made it very uncomfortable to sit or stand. I mostly relied on Tylenol and my best friend—the heating pad.

Before Chiro One, I’d never heard any good things [about chiropractic]. I’d heard that it could actually make things worse. Those pre-existing judgements are gone now.

It’s helped me a lot. Since starting at Chiro One, my posture has improved, and I feel more confident about myself. I barely get headaches and my knees ache a lot less. Thanks to Chiro One, I’ve learned that there are other aspects of my body that also need attention in order to remain healthy.”

– K.S., Oak Brook Patient

The Power of Posture: “I Feel Like a Brand New Person!”

“I feel like a brand new person!”

“My symptoms began sometime in high school—junior year. My back was hurting a lot, and that made me slouch. So when I first came to Chiro One, my concerns were definitely my upper and lower back and my posture. For a while, I tried painkillers and massage to help treat my pain.

I honestly had no idea how much chiropractic care could help me feel better and more energetic. Now, I love coming in every day and getting adjusted. I feel like a brand new person! Chiropractic has made me realize that going days without back pain is possible. It has also made me a lot more active and energized. I feel more confident and less pain than before.”

– K.Z., Round Lake Beach Patient

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