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Two Sciatica Patients Find Solace in Chiropractic

Two Sciatica Patients Find Solace in Chiropractic

Whether muscle numbness, weakness or pain, those dealing with regular bouts of sciatica know how badly it can impede quality of life. Sometimes, the solutions seem so limited: surgery, muscle relaxers, injections… But luckily, gentle, non-invasive chiropractic care can and has helped many people. These two patients, both from our Bolingbrook office, know how hard it can be—even doing everyday things like sitting and standing! Here’s how they got help with no medications or surgeries.

“Neck pain, low back pain and sciatica brought me to Chiro One. My symptoms first began in 2002. I experienced pain during sitting, and my job requires that I sit most of the day. I tried previous chiropractic care, TENS electro therapy, massage and even acupuncture.

I was a previous believer, but since starting at Chiro One, chiropractic care has become an integral part of my overall quality of health. I consistently feel better and experience an improved quality of life. My pain is greatly diminished with routine chiropractic maintenance.

Now, I’m feeling positive about my health, and I’m making good choices to maintain it.”

– M.S., Bolingbrook Patient

Two Sciatica Patients Find Solace in Chiropractic

“When I first got to Chiro One, I was dealing with chronic sciatica and neck aches. It started several years ago—it was hard to sit still when going on trips for one hour or more. To deal with the pain, I used to sit on my fists with my knuckles facing the muscle in my right leg.

When it came to chiropractic, I knew they worked wonders, but I never stayed long at them. With Chiro One, I enjoy seeing the process through exams and exercises given to do here.

Now, I can move my neck much easier and the sciatica in lots better. My health outlook is much better and I feel great—plus, I love the friendly, caring atmosphere here!”

– K.B., Bolingbrook Patient