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Patient Success Story: Newborns & Chiropractic

Patient Success Story: Newborns & Chiropractic

Although perfectly safe and gentle, some parents are still a little hesitant when it comes to newborns and chiropractic care. But there’s nothing to fear—research shows that adjustments can actually reduce the symptoms of colic, ear infection, ADHD and more. Today comes another newborn and chiropractic story fresh from one of our River North patients, who after bringing in her granddaughter for weight-related issues, was surprised to learn all the additional benefits chiropractic care could provide her little cutie.

“It all started when my newborn granddaughter Cassie was failing to gain weight. She started losing weight before she even left the hospital, and she just wasn’t keeping down what she ate. I suggested coming to Chiro One.

Her mother was breastfeeding, and to help, she changed her diet to better accommodate Cassie—but nothing worked. I had no idea how much Cassie could be helped by chiropractic care. However, the proof is quite evident. She’s only been ill once since she started, and she’s now two years old.

Patient Success Story: Newborns & Chiropractic

Cassie is now in the 90th percentile for weight for children her age. She’s only had one ear infection her whole life, even though she goes to daycare and the other kids get ear infections weekly. She walks very well. Her power of reason and ability to retain information is excellent.

She is happy, and with continued chiropractic maintenance, she’s going to continue to do well.”

– C. N., River North Patient

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