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Top Tips for the Wellness Woman

Top Tips for the Wellness Woman

Ladies, it’s more than time for some self-care. This Women’s Health Month, it’s all about you—yes, how you feel and how you function. We know you’re always taking care of those around you, but what about your needs? It’s OK to put yourself first, and that begins with your health. Here are some of our most helpful wellness tips for operating at your peak!

Nutrition Know-How

Flip the food pyramid! Vegetables and healthy fats should be the base, followed by protein, then fruit and last—minimal to no grains and sugar.

Shop the perimeter. At the grocery store, stick to the perimeter of the store where whole foods, like produce and protein, are found.

Have healthy snacks on hand. Wash and cut up veggies, and store them in an easy-to-see spot in the fridge. Great for a quick salad, too!

Select Natural Supplements

Choose chlorella for PMS. This bright green supplement offers protein, fats, carbs, fiber and minerals—and can help combat PMS symptoms.

Fight menopause symptoms naturally. Maca root, chaste-berry and black cohosh are known to help decrease menopausal symptoms.

Take vitamin D daily. Vit D is an important supplement for women; it helps the body absorb calcium, fights disease and depression, boosts weight loss and more!

Top Tips for the Wellness Woman

Cut the Weight

Get to strength training. Regular strength training—at least two times a week—can really up your weight loss. Try body weight exercises like burpees and squats!

Add fiber to your diet! Fiber can help to reduce belly fat—raspberries, black beans and artichokes are excellent choices.

Take breaks to get moving. Many of us have sedentary jobs—break the sitting monotony by getting up for a 5-10 minute walk every hour.

Focus on YOU

Schedule time to relax. Women tend to take it all on; be sure you’re leaving time in your busy schedule to unwind, read, go for a walk, etc.

Stay proactive about your health. Regular chiropractic adjustments and wellness check-ups should be a part of your health routine.

Practice self-love every day. Write a list of things you LOVE about yourself, let go of past wounds, pamper yourself, practice mindfulness… the list goes on.

Please discuss supplements and new exercise regimens with your primary physician before adding them to your lifestyle.