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Patient Success Story: PMS

Patient Success Story: PMS

Today’s story comes from a woman who started as a patient and is now a valued team member.

“I first came to Chiro One out of curiosity and I had been experiencing low back pain and sciatica. I had seen a man wearing a t-shirt that said, “Got subluxation?” and asked him what that meant. He explained it to me and invited me to get checked out at Chiro One of Orland Hills. I went in and learned I had a reverse curve in my cervical and a lateral curve in my lumbar spine with very uneven hips. I started treatment and was consistent with my care.

About six weeks into my care, I realized I hadn’t been taking my decongestants, painkillers or muscle relaxers. Even more strange was that my period “surprised” me. You see, I had been diagnosed with endometriosis, and suffered extremely painful periods that caused me to miss two to three days of my life each month. I was used to experiencing intense abdominal pain a few days before my period, and I’d start taking muscle relaxers and painkillers. During my period, I would then have such intense cramping that I’d actually become weak from the pain. I’d also have migraines with light and sound sensitivity.

I had always thought this was my “normal” because my mother had painful periods, and I figured my migraines were from my allergies. I hadn’t even told my chiropractor about the endometriosis because I didn’t see its relation to my spine. So, when I went into my next appointment, I asked him again where my subluxations were located—and it was then that I understood that the nerves from that part of the spinal cord went to my reproductive organs. 

Patient Success Story: PMS

After my first 3 months of treatment, the lateral curve from L3-5 had been corrected to a tilt. The “pre-period” abdominal pain had gone from a 10 to a 4 in intensity. I no longer felt I needed to take the muscle relaxers or pain medication. My next appointment with my gynecologist was actually a relief. There was significant improvement and my examination showed a “disappearance” of symptoms of the endometriosis.

The only thing medically that had changed was that the lateral curve was corrected in my lumbar spine. After another follow-up appointment, I was told I no longer had endometriosis. I am glad to say, I have not suffered with my cycle now for seven years. My period is regular, not excessively heavy, no abdominal pain beyond some light, normal cramping and no more migraines. I have all the days of the month back to live and enjoy.”

-Katina K., Team Member at Chiro One of Oak Lawn

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