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Patient Success Story: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Patient Success Story: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People who work with their hands for a living are particularly at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, such as massage therapists, typists, hair stylists, dentists and more. Today’s patient testimonial comes from a patient who was finding it hard to continue his work as a massage therapist due to back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Patient Finds Med-Free Relief Through Chiropractic After Years of Pain

“My back was hurting and I was having trouble doing massages. I had lost a normal range of motion and it affected my energy level. I felt tired and a lot weaker. I also had carpal tunnel in my right thumb.

The symptoms began in the summer of 2013. Between my wrist and back, I couldn’t perform the 13-17 massages a week I needed to in order to pay my bills.

I had tried to get monthly massages and, at that time, I wasn’t able to get the two massage a month I ideally wanted. Prior to joining Chiro One, I thought [chiropractic] was mostly for serious whiplash injuries and once you’re fixed or healed, you don’t need regular care.

Since starting care, my energy, spine, back and carpal tunnel all feel 100% healed and receiving regular care as maintenance helps keep me feeling much better.

My understanding of chiropractic and health has changed. I understand that continued care is ideal for an aligned spine and to remain pain-free.”

– R.C., Lakeview Patient

Patient Success Story: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome