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Patient Success Stories: Sports Injury

Patient Success Stories: Sports Injury
One of the main reasons many major sports team across the globe have a chiropractor is for injury treatment. We see many patients who’ve experienced a sports injury—recently or years and years ago. These patients are unable to continue playing the sport they love or are finding that their other daily activities, such as working out or working around the house, are hindered. Here are some success stories from two of our very own Chiro One patients; see what they have to say about chiropractic care, sports injury and recovery.

“I feel like all of my limitations are gone.”

“Long-lasting neck and wrist pain brought me to Chiro One. Both came on slowly after multiple injuries in high school playing basketball. My wrist was getting so stiff I couldn’t perform daily tasks at work or enjoy upper body workouts anymore. A simple push-up would cause enough pain to keep me out of the gym for at least a week.

I tried other chiropractic care using ultrasound, but found zero relief with such treatment. It wasn’t until Dr. Jill adjusted it that I got long-lasting relief. Before joining Chiro One, I was under the impression that chiropractic was a way for temporary relief.

Now, I am completely pain-free on a daily basis with the ability to work out to my fullest! I feel like all of my limitations are gone. I’ve learned that proper chiropractic care can give instant, as well as long-lasting, relief for any region of the body and not just the spine.”

– A.P., Oak Brook Patient

Patient Success Stories: Sports Injury

“I feel like the old me again.”

“When I first came to Chiro One, I was suffering from a partial torn left shoulder and a weak right hamstring. I’ve pulled my hamstring a few times when I really pushed myself playing baseball—I’ve played for the past 30 years. And I recently hurt my shoulder to the point where I couldn’t even work out.

Prior to joining Chiro One, I tried physical therapy on both my shoulder and hamstring—I just didn’t even think of chiropractic as a place where one could get healed! I never even considered it. It’s amazing. I’m full of energy again! My hamstring still needs some work, but it’s definitely getting better. I’m heavy-lifting again without much shoulder pain.

Now, I’m playing with the boys again and I’m exercising. I feel like the old me again, looking for time to be active rather than making excuses not to.”

– G.G., Oakland Hills Patient