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Patient Success Story: Stress

Patient Success Story: Stress

Many patients come through our doors due to neck or back pain, but soon realize that there are other benefits to regular chiropractic care. Time and time again, patients express how they’ve felt more alert and less stressed since going under care. This patient from Evanston experienced just that!

“No matter how stressed out I am when I come in, I leave feeling a little bit better.”

“I used to think it was normal to have some low back pain. My back would bother me frequently, especially while sitting for long periods in a car or at my desk writing papers. I met the Chiro One team at the mall and now I’ve changed my perspective. They did a posture check and saw that my posture was off so I decided I should go to the office to get a spinal exam.

I had never really thought about how the spine affects the body. I didn’t know the science behind chiropractic. When I came back to see my results, the doctor showed me my X-rays with a line where my spine should be; my spine was crooked. Anyone can tell the spine isn’t supposed to do that. It’s not rocket science! I decided it was worth getting it worked on so I could get it fixed.

After starting care, I noticed I had increased range of motion in my neck and my low back pain was gone. After my adjustment and therapies, I always leave the office more physically relaxed. I can go through the rest of my day more stress free. Even if I have mental stress, it’s easier to get through it when my body feels better.

Patient Success Story: Stress

This past winter I went home for a month during school break. By the end of break, my back pain started to come back. After being back under care for a short time, the pain is gone again. Although stretches and therapies have helped my posture, I still have the same habits I had before I started coming to the chiropractor. I know if I stopped getting adjustments and doing therapies my spine would get worse. I’m so glad I was in the early stages of degeneration so my spine can be repaired and maintained.

The staff at Chiro One Evanston is great. Everyone is friendly and relaxed. It’s a very supportive environment. No matter how stressed out I am when I come in, I leave feeling a little bit better. “

-N.B., Evanston Patient

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