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Patient Success Story: Shoulder Problems

Patient Success Story: Shoulder Problems

Some patients come to us familiar with chiropractic, but still experiencing symptoms and pain. Not all chiropractors are the same—and we pride ourselves in staffing the best of the best. Read this patient’s story about debilitating shoulder pain that no longer affects her after going under care at Chiro One of Old Town.

Her Pain was at 8 out of 10….Now it’s at ZERO

“I met someone at a booth at the Logan Square Art Fest, when I was looking for a back specialist. I had lots of tension and pain in my left shoulder blade area. I had gone to other chiropractors, but the pain never was gone.

It had been painful for many years, even while seeing other chiropractors. I just got used to the pain or I would take Ibuprofen to numb the pain. I tried massages, acupuncture, and my own twisting and stretching to ease the pain temporarily.

Before I came to Chiro One, I thought that chiropractic was good to help realign my neck and spine, but it doesn’t solve the pain. My pain was at an eight out of 10 before coming—now it’s at a ZERO. Two is the highest level of pain I’ve had, if I go over a month without chiropractic.

Patient Success Story: Shoulder Problems


I enjoy seeing my X-rays and seeing the improvements chiropractic has made. The stretches help tremendously. Chiro One is truly a back expert for getting rid of pain. I enjoy sharing Chiro One with everyone when they say they have pain.”