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Patient Success Story: Posture

Many people today have poor posture. Sitting at desks, staring down at phones, carrying bags slung over one shoulder all have detrimental effects on our bodies. Guess who can help? Your chiropractor! Read on for one patient’s experience:

Marked Improvement in Posture After Starting Care

“We were shopping at Jewel and signed up to come in to have an evaluation. We felt it was divine intervention that we saw [Chiro One’s] set-up as we had been talking about chiropractic for my husband.

My symptoms were [poor] posture, and back and neck problems. I knew my C1/C2 could have been out of whack from a few years back. I also had sleep issues and neck fatigue. I used Ibuprofen for pain.

Before I came in, I had positive thoughts about chiropractic, as I was familiar with the benefits from working and personal relationships with chiropractors in Georgia.

My posture and the improvement in the curvature of my spine from the first X-rays to the most recent set was impressive, with marked improvement. I like the focus on wellness as well as preventative care with Chiro One. The patient education in this type of setting is the best I’ve seen.

The office is run very efficiently with professional and friendly staff. They are very forward thinking and we feel our visits are life-enhancing.”

– Alison, Glenview Patient

Patient Success Story: Posture