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Patient Success Stories: PMS

Patient Success Stories: PMS

Each month, women across the world experience a wide-range of symptoms relating to their period. For some, the pain is minor, for some, it’s debilitating, and for most, it seems there’s nothing that can be done. We’re here to shatter that belief! We’ve had many patients who’ve experienced relief from painful menstrual-related symptoms—and here are two stories that highlight the connection between chiropractic and relieved PMS symptoms.

Patient Experiences Many Unexpected Side Effects of Chiropractic

“My symptoms started a month before coming in, on and off. It was hard to walk, hard to get out of bed and to sleep—and pain medication wasn’t working.

One day, I was in the mall and at the time I was having pain on my side, and there was something talking about chiropractic. So I decided to try it.

Since I have been coming in, I haven’t had the pain. I’ve had NO stiffness in my neck and shoulder. My cramps are not painful and I feel my posture is better.
This is one of the best choices I’ve made. My body feels good. Dr. Cassidy and her team are great; they make you feel like family.”

– L.T., Lansing Patient

Years of Pain, Now Pain-Free and a Lifelong Patient of Chiropractic

“I remember having terrible lower back pain in high school (late 90s) during my menstrual cycle. The pain was so bad, I would white knuckle things to get through the pain. I also suffer from terrible tension headaches and migraines from time to time.

I tried Advil and Tylenol for the pain, and I eventually went on the pill. As far as chiropractic care, I had never given it much thought.

Since starting care, I no longer suffer any back pain during my menstrual cycle and I have no need for birth control to stop the pain. My headaches are fewer in frequency. I don’t think I can live without my weekly adjustment at this point.”

– J.G., Burr Ridge Patient

Patient Success Stories: PMS