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Patient Success Story: Asthma

Patient Success Story: Asthma

Sadly, we’ve met so many people who’ve adapted to a certain level of pain every day of their life. We’re here to remind you: Pain and dysfunction are not normal! Your body was built to feel good and you were made to experience life at its fullest. Today’s patient story from our Oak Brook office is the perfect testament to this. Don’t forget to head to our Facebook page to see Arleatha and hear more of her story. Visit www.facebook.com/ChiroOne or search “Chiro One Wellness Centers” on your mobile Facebook app.

“I had co-workers who had been heaping praise on their chiropractic care. I was curious, but not ready for commitment. I attended a Food Truck Festival and they coaxed me into it. The staff was so pleasant, they got me to stay.

I didn’t realize I had any symptoms prior to coming in. I have had asthma for just about three years and had a stiff neck. Never thought of using a chiropractor for asthma and my neck stiffness usually went away on its own. I found myself just dealing with the problem, as I had developed a tolerance for it.

I tried at least three medications, including two inhalers for my asthma. I occasionally would need to have a nebulizer treatment, which has occurred two times by mid-year. Before I came into Chiro One I had not really considered a chiropractor. I had been in a car accident at least 30 years ago and I initially used one, and then also used one for neck pain. My youngest daughter thought about it as a career, which I believe made me more conscious of the care, but I had not considered seeing one.

I am extremely fearful of allergens when season changes occur. Breathing was difficult; extreme heat was a problem. Opening windows was out! Dr. Jill has been asking me how I was doing and it dawned on me that I have not had a problem in 3 weeks and allergen count has been up. My quality of life has improved 100-fold since July of this year.

Patient Success Story: Asthma

I am truly glad I re-discovered chiropractic care. The fact that it is natural care and the body alignments work with the body, not against, truly please me. I don’t like prescription medications and I am off of one. Hopefully, I will be down to none within the next 6-9 months. I love Dr. Jill!”

– A.K., Oak Brook Patient

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