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Patient Success Story: Headaches and Migraines

Patient Success Story: Headaches and Migraines

Can you imagine having a seemingly never-ending headache multiple days a week, for years? Can you picture what it’d be like to have recurring, skull-splitting migraines for over half of your life? Many of our patients have lived like this. In fact, many Americans live like this every day. They’ve tried prescription after prescription, dealt with awful side effects and resigned themselves to a life of pain. As chiropractors, we’re here to tell you: You don’t have to live in pain.

Painful Migraines for Over Half of Her Young Life

“I have had migraines for more than half of my life. I’ve always wanted to do something, but with so many triggers and treatments, doing something seemed like a long, expensive road. I learned to push through instead.

My first migraine happened when I was in middle school—people blamed it on my braces. In high school, my migraines were almost daily—people blamed it on self-induced stress by working toward college. The frequency was consistent through college and my now young adult life.

I tried massage, but that became emergency temporary relief. One doctor tried Topamax—a medication for seizures. That gave me some relief, but I lost 20 pounds in six weeks due to an unlisted side effect.

Prior to coming in, I was never against the idea of seeing a chiropractor, but I also wasn’t aware of how it could benefit me. I thought it might be another dead end tied to frustrating costs.

Patient Success Story: Headaches and Migraines


I am only in my third week of adjustments, and I’ve only experienced one migraine since my first visit. My four to five weekly migraines have become two dull headaches, if that! Knowing that the cervical part of my spine is the leading/sole source of my migraines, and that in less than a month a chiropractor could affect that, is literally life changing.

A twelve-week program is my current recommendation. With the correct adjustments and therapies, I am looking forward to knocking out those last two dull headaches!”

-Brianna W., Bloomingdale Patient