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Patient Success Story: Sciatica

Patient Success Story: Sciatica
For the three million Americans who suffer from sciatica, this condition can be debilitating and painful. Its onset can be rapid—and seemingly come out of nowhere. Many sufferers are prescribed various pain medications and are unaware that chiropractic care could eliminate their sciatic nerve pain. Through adjustments and therapies, our chiropractors at Chiro One Wellness Centers are trained to help those with sciatica find the relief they’ve been seeking.

Sciatic Pain Completely Gone after Chiropractic Treatment

“I came to Chiro One with back pain and sciatica. I had hurt my back as a kid and I also was rear-ended in a car accident. I found it hard to move around and lift heavy items. I tried medications, back exercises and massage.

Patient Success Story: Sciatica

I didn’t know too much about chiropractic, but my sister started going to Chiro One, so I checked it out. Since I started care, I can move. My sciatica is completely gone! If I miss appointments, I can feel a difference. I’m eating better and move better. I have less pain.

The staff is very kind and helpful. I recommend Chiro One to everyone. Stop taking medication and seeing expensive specialists!”

-G.R., South Barrington Patient

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