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Patient Success Stories: Preventative Care

Patient Success Stories: Preventative Care
Have you heard of “sick-care vs. healthcare”? In the United States, and much of the world, our medical system is focused on treating those who are already ill—instead of helping people to maintain wellness. One of the basic tenets behind chiropractic is that regular maintenance of the spine will not only help you to age well, but keep dis-ease at bay. Read two testimonials from patients who went from chiropractic skeptics, to using chiropractic care for overall well-being.

Paramedic Uses Chiropractic Care to Maintain Wellness

“Being a paramedic for 20-plus years, I know this places great stress and abuse on the body. I came to Chiro One for an assessment.

Prior to coming into the office, I didn’t think that chiropractic really helped people. Now, I have less days of feeling sore and I am able to enjoy physical activities more.

Chiropractic does have a place in the medical field and does help people with their well-being.”

– J.L., Burr Ridge Patient

Patient Success Stories: Preventative Care

Curious and Skeptical about Chiropractic, Patient Discovers Multiple Benefits

“I came to Chiro One because I was curious about how chiropractic care might improve my health and overall lifestyle.

I had always been very skeptical of chiropractic care. More and more I learned other’s success stories, which piqued my interest to come in and get an overview of what it’s all about.

Since I’ve started care, I sleep more soundly at night, allowing for a more productive and relaxing day. My headaches have reduced to next to nothing, which has improved many areas of my life.

I’ve learned the overall effect chiropractic care can have on the nervous system and aiding the body’s ability to heal itself has been an impactful lesson.”

– .S., St. Charles Patient

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