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Patient Success Story: Scoliosis

Patient Success Story: ScoliosisMany patients come to our office and are shocked to discover they have undiagnosed scoliosis—and typically, the onset of scoliosis occurs during teenage years. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to schedule regular spinal evaluations throughout your child’s growing years.

“I came in through a free exam at a Bally’s Health Club. I found out [I carried] my weight between my left and right feet different by 70 pounds. I had started experiencing back pain when I was about 21 years old. Nobody in the health industry said it was scoliosis.

Over time, I tried painkillers, mostly. I spent two days in the hospital with a pinched nerve in my back. Since I’ve started chiropractic care, the weekly treatments for my scoliosis has allowed me to avoid surgery. It is now a little late to fix the problem completely, but I look forward to my weekly sessions to help me stand straight without pain.”

– W.J., Vernon Hills Patient

Patient Success Story: Scoliosis


Remember to bring your child in for a full spinal and wellness evaluation. Ask your Chiro One team member about complimentary evaluations for patients referred to your office.