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Patient Success Stories: Car Accidents and Injuries

Patient Success Stories: Car Accidents and Injuries
There are millions of car accidents each year in the United States—and often, people do not feel the effects of minor accidents (and sometimes major accidents) until months or years later. Any time you’re in a car accident, your spine was put at risk and it’s critical you are evaluated as soon as possible by a doctor of chiropractic. Today, two patients share their stories.

After Numerous Car Accidents, Patient Seeks Chiropractic Care for Pain

“Pound 4 Pound Fitness had a [Chiro One] rep there and I talked to them and booked an appointment. I have been in numerous car accidents dating back to 2002. I’ve had pain, but I’ve never sought help. My posture was horrible and the stiffness in my neck was frequent.

I had always been open-minded to chiropractic care. I was just nervous because I did not know what to expect. Chiropractic has improved my posture and I no longer have neck stiffness or pain. I’ve realized that chiropractic care is vital to your health. Correct spine alignment helps free subluxation for better overall health.”

– J.H., St. Charles Patient

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Chronic Shoulder Pain from a Car Accident Relieved with Chiropractic

“I came into Chiro One because of shoulder pain from a car accident. My accident was in January of 2010 and since then my shoulder is tight and makes my hand tingle and [go] numb. I tried physical therapy and injections, and then chiropractic.

I had previously tried chiropractic for lower back pain and headaches—and it truly helped with my symptoms! Now, my adjustments help me deal with the daily pain. [Chiropractic] helps me manage and try to improve my health so I have less pain in my shoulder.”

– C.M., Plainfield Patient