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Dr. Demartini’s “Light” Summer Reading List: Books to Keep Your Brain Active on Vacation

Dr. Demartini's Light Summer Reading List: Books to Keep your Brain Active on Vacation

More often than not, you want your by-the-beach reading to be light and fluffy like the foam on your iced vanilla latte. Or you can trade your sunglasses for a pair of thick-framed nerd reading glasses and accept my invitation to expand your horizons by reading these books on my own personal summer reading list:

The Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson – The Great Waldo led the nineteenth century Transcendentalist movement – the belief that people are at their best when truly self-reliant and independent. Like me, he loved to speak – in his life he gave more than 1,500 public lectures across the United States, the texts of most he later turned into essays. I am a fan of his work as he wrote on topics such as the ability of humankind to realize almost anything.

An Introduction to the History of Psychology, by B.R. Hergenhahn and Tracy B. Henley – This book is one of the more comprehensive and inspiring compilations I’ve encountered on the topic. It touches upon numerous psychological topics and their roots in philosophies that are up to thousands of years old. Yet it’s not “written over your head,” so you can learn about topics like existentialism and talk about it at dinner parties without sounding like you’re out of your depth.

The Book of Wealth, by Hubert Howe Bancroft – I’m very vocal about the importance of writing down every day your thoughts and goals. Bancroft was an expert at daily writing on index cards during his prodigious writing career throughout the nineteenth century. This book discussed secrets and tips of accumulating wealth by the greatest wealth creators. Only 400 copies of this book were originally published and distributed to only the wealthiest families in the western world. Today, it’s available to you.

Crowds and Power, by Elias Canetti – Published in Germany in 1960, this book delves into the “mob mentality” and how subverting your own goals and desires to others you deem “above” you is a surefire way to never attain your own greatness. A powerful read.

A Syntopicon: An Index to The Great Ideas – Consisting of 102 chapters each dedicated to a great idea with a chronology stretching from Homer to Freud, this offshoot of the Encyclopaedia Britannica was compiled as “an instrument of discovery and research.” Forget pulp fiction and penny dreadfuls; this book is a definite page-turner!

Dr. Demartini’s “Light” Summer Reading List: Books to Keep your Brain Active on Vacation

I invite you to try out these books. With your new knowledge in tow (in both your brain and your beach bag) you might even be able to expand not only your horizons, but those of the beachgoers next to you who might lean over and ask, “Hey, what’re you reading?”

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini Portriat

A world-renowned inspirational speaker, Dr. John Demartini is a noted educator, business consultant, author and founder of The Demartini Institute. He was featured in the acclaimed book and movie The Secret, and is the author of 40 books published in over 29 different languages. Holding a doctorate of chiropractic, Dr. Demartini is a retired chiropractor, and to this day carries with fondness his early memories of enjoying the use of hands, heart and mind at chiropractic college.