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Patient Success Stories: Back Pain

Patient Success Stories: Back Pain
We’ve seen thousands of patients who are suffering from back pain—and each person’s story is unique. Today we have two stories for you, from patients who had come in with excruciating back pain and found relief through chiropractic adjustments and therapies.

Patient was Hesitant to Try Chiropractic for Back Pain

“I was having pain in my lower back that was shooting down into my hips and legs. I spent months trying to deal with the pain and lack of comfort. It disrupted my sleep, my ability to be as active as I wanted and also my overall mental well-being.

Prior to coming into Chiro One, I had tried lots of ibuprofen, stretching and low impact workouts. I was skeptical [of chiropractic] but a friend swore by it.

Since starting care, chiropractic has given me back my freedom to be active and get the rest I want and need! My understanding of chiropractic and overall health has changed 100%! Not only is my back healthier, but I’m healthier as well.

I always look forward to my appointments because I walk out of them feeling so much better.”

– S.S., Woodridge Patient

Patient Success Stories: Back Pain

Chronic Pain Leads Skeptical Patient to Chiropractic

“I was experiencing chronic lower back and severe neck pain on a constant basis. Matters were accompanied by frequent migraines around the temple area. My symptoms had begun about 3-5 years prior and were getting progressively worse as time went on. With the constant headaches, back pain and neck pain, it was unbearable sitting, standing, laying down or in any position.

Over-the-counter pain medicine and creams provided very little help, if any. I tried acupuncture and this did nothing. Prior to joining Chiro One, I actually was afraid of getting adjusted in any way, by anyone. I also thought that it wouldn’t give me the results I was looking for. [I was] quite skeptical.

Since starting chiropractic care, it has absolutely, positively improved my overall quality of life. I have virtually no headaches, no back pain, no neck pain. All of this is thanks to Dr. Katie for inspiring me to stay with it. She is absolutely the best ever.

This office is the best. My health continues to improve and my pains have disappear. My son is also now a patient of Dr. Katie. Everyone here is awesome.”

– J.S., Palos Heights Patient