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Chiropractic Success Story: Traumatic Birth Syndrome

Chiropractic Success Story: Traumatic Birth SyndromePowerful story from one of our own doctors—Dr. Maryam Ahsan, D.C., shares her and her son’s birth experience and how they healed.

“My son has been a chiropractic client and patient right from the womb (so to speak). I was adjusted regularly to help have an easier and manageable pregnancy, for the positioning of the baby and general overall function. It was paramount as I was physically working right up to my delivery time, and we had a planned home birth delivery through a licensed certified nurse midwife. Chiropractic and pregnancy was always something that was a “no-brainer” for me. To a certain extent, newborn adjustments were also a “no brainer,” as I’ve seen children with some severe birth trauma respond very well to care. However, I really didn’t get how important those first adjustments were, until my son was born.

All went through smoothly with the pregnancy and the labor heading into the birth of our son, but we fell short of the finish line of our goal of a home birth. When my baby crowned, there was dark meconium present and he had swallowed it (we didn’t know to what extent). Unfortunately, his vitals began jump around and the midwife had to take me to the hospital—for the sake of my son’s condition after birth. After he was born, he was not able to stay oxygenated at room air, which was causing him to turn blue. My son had to be suctioned substantially to get a lot of meconium out. He was in NICU for 5 days after he was born.

Despite fighting the hospital protocols as hard as I could, I wasn’t allowed to hold him and kangaroo him, nor breastfeed him immediately. It was three days until I was finally allowed to breastfeed. Unfortunately, my son would not latch to breastfeed. Although, it was very emotional for me too, as I felt a fundamental bond had been broken with my baby boy, I didn’t want to give up so easily. I realized what needed to be done, and I needed some help.

Chiropractic Success Story: Traumatic Birth Syndrome

As a chiropractor, I knew my son was subluxated in the cranial bones and the upper cervical spine from the backpressure created from the suctioning, as well as his position during the birth. I had experience assessing and adjusting cranial bones from years of pediatrics post-grad course work, but not this complex. The subluxations were also creating a torticollis in my son’s neck. I reached out to few of my pediatric colleague friends and longtime chiropractor, Dr. Brian Rutecki, D.C., to help me with the cranial adjusting. And I brought my son to a cranio-sacral therapist. I found a lactation consultant, who “thought outside the box” and worked with different healthcare providers, as well as chiropractors. For the first two months of his life, my son was adjusted 2-3 times a week by Dr. Brian or myself, and he was seen, twice a week for cranio-sacral therapy. After one week, my son started to breastfeed and his sucking reflex was getting stronger. It was a success. My son feeds now from both breast and bottle as I have returned to work.

Going through that experience, I know can confidently express how important it is to have children adjusted immediately following birth, despite how the birth went—birth, itself, is a trauma. I can only imagine where we’d be if he wasn’t checked and adjusted. He is still adjusted regularly to this day, and checked from the cranio-sacral therapist to maintain it all. I certainly now know how important that first adjustment really is now—especially as it was and continues to be for my son’s life.”

Dr. Maryam Ahsan, chiropractic director of Chiro One of Bloomingdale, and her son, Kamran