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Patient Success Stories: Peak Scoliosis Brace

Patient Success Story: Peak Scoliosis Brace
Many adults with scoliosis either don’t know they have it, or they believe there’s nothing else that can be done to help them. At all Chiro One Wellness Centers, our doctors are experienced in treating adult scoliosis, and can prescribe a specially designed and customizable scoliosis brace. Read two patients’ experiences with the Peak Scoliosis Bracing System and chiropractic care.

Young Woman with Scoliosis Finds Relief with Chiropractic and the Adult Scoliosis Brace

“I came to Chiro One because I was unable to participate in sports and I knew something was wrong with my posture. I was always in pain in my mid-back, even when I wouldn’t do any activity. I felt out of place in school due to this.

I didn’t know anything about chiropractic until my mom signed me up at a screening at Dominick’s.

I’m no longer in pain! I didn’t know adjustments could help my severe scoliosis in my back. My Peak Scoliosis Brace and orthotics help me a lot in college.

The staff at Chiro One make me feel welcomed, since I was a kid I’ve been coming in here. Dr. Shah is great!”

– M.W., Burr Ridge Patient

Patient Success Story: Peak Scoliosis Brace


Patient with Scoliosis Eliminates Daily Flare-Ups with Peak Scoliosis Bracing System

“With the new brace my scoliosis has been hurting a lot less and [I’ve] almost completely stopped having excruciating flare-ups. I’m able to go about my normal daily activities without having to stop due to a flare-up.

I would recommend this brace to other scoliosis patients because it’ll make you feel better, as well as reduce your pain. It’s the best besides chiropractic treatments!

– R.D., South Barrington Patient