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BE Strong, BE Fit: Fitness Apps You’ll Love

BE Strong, BE Fit: Fitness Apps You’ll Love
Spring is here and it”s a perfect time to get moving! If you”re looking for some motivation or accountability, there are a ton of apps that can provide an extra boost to your workouts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Endomondo: iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone
This free app has it all. Real-time GPS tracking, with workout features like auto-pause and audio feedback, will track your workout and announce mile markers. You can also share to your favorite social media pages and tag friends. Premium features include training plans (with targeted goals such as 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon) and advanced statistics. Pairs with FitBit, MyFitnessPal and many other apps.

MyFitnessPal: iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone
MyFitnessPal works with virtually every fitness app and device, and boasts more than five million foods in their database (and it”s free!). Great for calorie-counting, and can also track exercise, water consumption and weight. Creating custom recipes is easy, too, and the app will keep track of recent foods as well as entire meals. Pairs with Endomondo, FitBit, Apple Health and many, many more.

Zombies, Run: iOS, Google Play
Need a little extra motivation? How about surviving a zombie apocalypse? Zombies, Run is a free, immersive running adventure that gets you moving. Here”s the gist: You”ll start your workout, most likely to a song on your playlist, and then…the app “interrupts” to tell you that you are being followed by some zombies and you need to pick up your pace or you will never get away! There are a series of missions that you will be sent on—like getting an emergency kit from an abandoned building surrounded by zombies—and more, but we don”t want to spoil the fun. The first four missions are free and you can unlock a new one each week. Upgrading to Pro unlocks 200+ missions, plus Interval Training. Maps and stats are shareable.

Yoga Studio: iOS, Windows 10
This is an absolutely beautiful app! Whether you”re a beginner or a seasoned Yogi, this app provides a rich library of HD video classes, with over 280 detailed poses and a built-in calendar so you can schedule what classes you plan to take on what days. Create your own classes within the app and it will stitch together your poses seamlessly to create a custom HD yoga workout. Each pose includes step-by-step instructions, modifications and variations, along with cautions, making yoga accessible to all skill levels. This app is simple and gorgeous (and very affordable at $3.99!).

Seconds (Interval Timer): iOS
Part of the trick to effective interval training is setting up timers correctly. Seconds has built-in timer templates for HIIT, circuit training and Tabata, and also allows you to create custom timers. It uses a large time display and color-coding, so you can see it from a distance. It also easily integrates with your music library. You can share your timers with friends and they don’t even have to download the app themselves! Seconds pairs with heart rate monitors and can also be displayed on large screens via AirPlay Mirroring.

BE Strong, BE Fit: Fitness Apps You’ll Love