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Patient Success Stories: Disc Problems

Patient Success Stories: Disc Problems
Some patients experience pain due to disc problems, however, it’s common to experience no symptoms. This is one of the many reasons why it’s critical to regularly maintain your spinal health through chiropractic care. Those who haven’t been check by a chiropractor in years—or ever—should come in for an evaluation. If you’d like to refer a friend or family member, please let us know

Years of Severe Pain and Failed Treatments Before Chiropractic Care

“Before I came into Chiro One, I had very severe pain in my left arm, hand and tingling and numbness in my fingers. My symptoms had first started two and half years ago and affected my writing ability and my walking. I was unable to pick up anything over 10 pounds, which caused neck and back pain.

I tried medications, injections and physical therapy. Some hot compressions and electrical impulses helped a little bit. Eventually, I had an X-ray and found three or four slipped discs in my neck. I went to a specialist and he recommended surgery; a friend said I should see a chiropractor first. I happened to see Chiro One at a CVS and I scheduled an appointment.

Chiropractic has improved my overall quality of life tremendously! I have a better attitude and I just feel wonderful. If I could, I would bring the whole world [to Chiro One]. The staff is outstanding. Without the staff, I wouldn’t have been able to improve as quickly. They motivate me and they are my family. They take care of me. I love Chiro One, they are the best!”

– J.H., Loop 2 Patient

Former Chiropractic Skeptic Experiences Relief from a Bulging Disc

“I came to Chiro One due to a bulging disc that was causing lots of pain. I had this for several years and pain worsened in the last year and a half. I was unable to work out any more.

Patient Success Stories: Disc Problems

I had tried steroid injections and physical therapy, but continued to have problems. Although I was a huge skeptic of chiropractic, I was willing to try it.
Since I’ve been under care, I’ve had no pain! And I’m able to work out again! My experience has been very positive and I highly recommend it.
I can’t thank Dr. Jason and his staff enough, because of them my life has been restored.”

– B.B., South Elgin Patient

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