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Is Chiropractic the Holy Grail? Anti-Aging Benefits of Chiropractic Care

We’re all in search of the secret to staying young. But what role does chiropractic care play in aging gracefully? We asked Dr. Loyal Nelson, D.C., Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center of the South Loop,  what he suggests to his patients to combat the effects of the aging process.

BW: What do you think is the secret to aging gracefully?

Dr. Loyal: As we age, our bodies are constantly going through a process called oxidation. The stress from that process damages cells throughout the body and results in the signs of aging we can see and feel. When we eat a proper diet, maintain a steady level of exercise and have a positive mental attitude, we can minimize the oxidation process and the associated stress.

BW: How does the spine change as we age?

Dr. Loyal: The spine goes through a degeneration process as we age. The rate of degeneration depends on your stress level. The more stress, the faster your spine degenerates. That’s why it’s important to keep your spine checked and get adjusted.

BW: What role does chiropractic play in aging gracefully?

Dr. Loyal: Chiropractic care helps the body function properly and get the most benefit from a proper diet and regular exercise. Studies show that it reduces the stress oxidation has on our bodies.

BW: Are there specific benefits to women as they age?

Dr. Loyal: The two major hormones directly associated with the female reproductive cycle are estrogen and progesterone. Both are drastically reduced during menopause and stimulated by the anterior pituitary gland, which is controlled by the hypothalamus: the master control of your body.  By maintaining proper alignment of the spine, the central nervous system functions at its highest level, which can help minimize the negative aspects of menopause.

Another concern women have as they age is the hunching of their backs. Corrective care adjustments and therapies as your body changes can slow down that forward posture and keep your balance in check. This means women are less likely to trip and fall and sustain hip fractures, another common issue women deal with as they age.