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Patient Success Story: TMJ/TMD

Patient Success Story: TMJ/TMD

Temporomandibular joint disorder is incredibly painful and affects around 10 million Americans. Today’s story comes from a patient at Chiro One of Huntley. After a lifetime of pain, she found relief from Dr. Allison and her team.

After a Lifetime of TMJ Pain, Patient Finds Relief from Chiropractic Care

“I came to Chiro One Wellness Centers due to allergies and TMJ disorder. My allergies have affected me since birth, but the last four years have been miserable. I was diagnosed with TMJ at 9-years-old, with a flare-up about 20 years ago and again in 2013. In the most recent flare-up, the pain was like never before.

For my allergies, I had tried many other treatments such as allergy shots, natural remedies, medications and even surgery. For the TMJ, I wore a night guard and did physical therapy during the flare-up 20 years ago, but I was told that really nothing but Botox or steroid injections could be done to help.

Prior to coming to Chiro One, I didn’t think that chiropractic could help with things other than spine or back problems. I had heard of chiropractors that specialized in allergies, though.

Since starting chiropractic care, Dr. Allison has been able to relieve my ear pain associated with allergies and I feel better within minutes after being adjusted.

My TMJ is also much better. Prior to starting care, I wasn’t able to eat solid foods because I couldn’t even open my mouth enough to put a spoon in. I couldn’t go to the dentist because I wasn’t able to hold my mouth open. My jaw was even irritated by working out and sleep was difficult. Now I can eat most foods and do most of my workout routines. I can also go to the dentist, but I need to see my chiropractor right afterward.”

-Bonnie J., Huntley Patient

We’re so glad you’re feeling so much better, Bonnie. Keep up the great work.

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