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Patient Success Story: Fibromyalgia

Patient Success Story: Fibromyalgia

If you know someone who deals with the serious widespread pain of fibromyalgia, you likely also know how frustrating this condition. Not only is it difficult to diagnosis, doctors aren’t sure of the cause and there is no known cure. Common symptoms include musculoskeletal pain throughout the body, TMJ disorder, fatigue, depression, sleep interruption and more.

Many of our doctors have treated patients with fibromyalgia, working to help relieve some of the symptoms they are experiencing. Today’s patient has been struggling for years, but has recently found that chiropractic helps her.

Fibromyalgia Pain and Episodes Decreased Following Regular Chiropractic Care

“I had all over body pain, years of stress build-up, tenderness and stiffness prohibiting me from effectively completing my job. My symptoms first began when I turned 40 (around six years ago). It affected [every part] of my life, as I had been very physical. My job consists of walking, driving and a positive mood—all of which were affected.

At first, the doctors all attributed symptoms to being overweight. They insisted on exercise, even though I was in complete pain, was the key. Then they started giving me sleep aides, none of which worked.

Since coming to Chiro One, chiropractic has helped my overall health improve (mind, body and soul). It has especially helped control my symptoms of fibromyalgia, and my episodes that used to last five days or more are less frequent and less intense.

Dr. Jill and her team are not only a chiropractic team; they are knowledgeable teachers and cheerleaders. They are motivators. This team cares about our overall health—all of me. Dr. Jill pays attention to every aspect of her patients and I believe she has made me, one, known myself better and two, helped my symptoms of fibromyalgia because she knows the body!

Fibromyalgia does not seem to be understood by man. The pain and tenderness becomes unbearable and sometimes even makes a person depressed, because they can’t do the things they are used to [doing]. Chiropractic and especially this team at Chiro One has helped me to gain strides in doing the things I used to do. I feel better.”

-Amerantha S., Oak Brook Patient