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Patient Success Stories: Shoulder, Arm and Hand Problems

Patient Success Stories: Shoulder, Arm and Hand Problems
Millions of people wind up in the emergency room for shoulder, arm and hand problems each year. Functioning with pain in these areas of the body can be nearly impossible at times and immediate treatment is necessary. Chiropractic care is an excellent choice to address the symptoms of many issues in this area. Hear from some patients who chose chiropractic care to treat their symptoms and experienced success. 

Painful Shoulder Injury Caused Pain for Weeks

“I hurt my shoulder while working out and the pain in my shoulder blade didn’t go away for weeks. It hurt me when I would twist, turn, bend, sit or drive. I’ve also had sporadic low back pain for years; the pain would even flare up while lying in my bed, trying to sleep.

I tried taking anti-inflammatory medication and stretching, and I made sure I didn’t sit for too long. I thought chiropractors only helped with back and neck pain injuries.

Since I started chiropractic care, I can lift weights with less pain, box with less pain and lie in my bed with less pain. I feel totally at ease. I realized that getting adjustments and consistently stretching makes my entire body feel loose and healthy. I’ve also realized that spinal health filters into numerous other parts of my life, not just back and neck pain.

Thanks for being friendly, hospitable and fixing my pain and overall health.”

-Nick, Lakeview Patient

Patient Success Stories: Shoulder, Arm and Hand Problems

Debilitating Elbow Pain, Neck Pain and Brain Fog

“I started have pain in my left elbow in May of 2014 and it was debilitating. Starting three years ago, I started having neck pain and “brain fog,” and I just assumed I was exhausted and fatigued due to being a mom.

Over this time, I’d occasionally take an Advil, I tried massage and had X-rays and an MRI. I was eventually prescribed stronger medications but I didn’t take them.

When I first started chiropractic care, I was concerned about the adjustment, thinking it was a little scary. But since I’ve started I feel stronger, my brain fog is gone, I sleep better, [my body] fights colds better and my pain is almost gone. I’m even more attentive and outgoing! I think chiropractic is a wonderful thing. I should’ve come earlier.”

-Rita, Glenview Patient

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