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Patient Success Stories: Sciatica

Patient Success Stories: Sciatica
While common, sciatica can cause debilitating pain that can derail any activity. Those who suffer from sciatica often struggle to simply stand or sit. It’s our goal to reach as many people as possible to let them know that chiropractic treatment works for the symptoms of sciatica. And don’t take it from us, hear it directly from patients who have lived it.

Bedridden for Months from Severe Sciatica, Chiropractic Changed Everything

“I had been in chronic sciatic pain 24/7 for over two years. It affected me all day, every day. My walking, moving, sleeping, getting dressed—everything. I was horribly depressed and not able to work.

Over the years, I had tried so many treatments, Vicodin, valium, acupuncture, injections, steroids, physical therapy, swim therapy and more. I ended up bedridden for months.

I had considered chiropractic in the past, but my surgeon told me not to see a chiropractor. I went any way because nothing was helping.

I can’t believe how much my overall quality of life has changed since coming to Chiro One! I can move. I can get dressed. I can live my life. I love what the doctor has done! I have been given my life back in all areas.”

-Jenna S., Crystal Lake Patient

From bedridden to happy and healthy: A patient's sciatica story

20 Years of Sciatic Pain Gone After Chiropractic Treatment

“I came to Chiro One with low back pain and sciatica, which I had for about 20 years. The pain slowed me down to the point that I did nothing around the house and I even lost sleep because of the pain. And I was up to taking 800mg of ibuprofen almost every day just to relieve the pain.

I had seen several chiropractors in the past, but I have not seen results as fast as I have since coming to Chiro One. Since I’ve started care, I have more energy and have been pain-free. My whole attitude has changed—I am so much happier now.”

-Debbie G., Plainfield Patient

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