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Be Well Patient Success Story: Back Pain

Be Well Patient Success Story: Back Pain

Are you one of the 31 million Americans experiencing low back pain? As the single leading cause of disability worldwide, low back pain is a widespread and costly problem estimated to affect 80 percent of the U.S. population at some point in their lifetime.

Back pain and injury is one of the top problems our doctors see at Chiro One Wellness Centers. Fortunately, our doctors see successes and improvements every day! In our quest to spread chiropractic awareness and understanding, we’ll be sharing our patients’ successes.

Family Man Affected By Severe Lower Back Pain

“Before I came to Chiro One Wellness Centers of South Barrington, my lower back pain was so severe the pain extended down my leg and caused numbness. First starting in 2010, my symptoms got so bad that initially I was unable to walk due to the pain. It was impossible to sit or stand for any extended amount of time, and had to constantly change positions between the two. The sports I had loved to play were no longer a part of my life. And worst of all, I couldn’t pick up my children.

I was trying everything—medical doctors, medications and injections. Nothing was working. My doctor recommended surgery, but I decided against it. A previous experience with a doctor outside of Chiro One had left me skeptical, but I eventually chose to pursue chiropractic care.

Now, just a few months into my treatment at Chiro One of South Barrington, my pain has vastly improved! I can now lift my children. I can stand or sit for extended periods of time. My pain is greatly reduced and my numbness is mostly gone. I hope to be back to playing sports again soon!

Once a skeptic, I now know that chiropractic is beneficial. I hope that by continuing my care I can eliminate my pain. I’ve enjoyed my time at Chiro One and love the staff!”

-Jason J., South Barrington Patient

A huge thank you to Jason for sharing his story!

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Ask a Chiro One team member for a success story form or travel to www.chiroone.net/100human to fill out the form and select “Share my chiropractic story!”