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Move to the Music

Move to the Music
It’s no secret most of us will workout longer and harder when we’re grooving to motivating music. Not only is this great for our bods, but recent research shows listening to music while exercising boosts results and keeps our brains in better shape, too.

Music + Exercise = Double Benefits

University of Ohio researchers recently tested 33 men and women to determine if the frontal lobes of their brains became more active when listening to music while exercising. Before and after working out, participants completed mental testing. After exercising without music, there was no change in the participants’ test performance, but those who listened to music while exercising literally doubled their performance, on average.

In addition to improving our brains, countless studies indicate listening to music before and during exercise brings other physical benefits, like increased endurance and physical capacity, delay of fatigue or perception of fatigue, improved energy efficiency and elevated mood.

Music + Exercise

Playlists for You

Experts believe stimulating our minds with music works for our brains just like exercise works for our bodies. The more we do it, the more efficient our muscles and brain becomes. So the next time you work out, make it twice as good by enjoying one of these fun music playlists. Find many more or create your own at www.jogfm.com.

Rockin’ Running Mix
“Super Bon Bon” – Soul Coughing
“Darkness Surrounds” – Cupcakes
“Crank” – Catherine Wheel
“New York” – Richard Ashcrof
“Passenger” – Deftones
“Skeptic” – Chevelle
“Suffocate” – Finger Eleven
“Chemicals Between Us” – Bush
“Make Yourself” – Incubus
“Hard to Explain” – The Strokes
“All My Life” – Foo Fighters

Cool Kid Club Mix  
“Sorry for Party Rocking” – LMFAO
“Can’t Hold Us”- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
“Break Your Heart”- Taio Cruz & Ludacris
“Rocketeer” – Far East Movement
“Light ‘em Up” – Fall Out Boy
“I Like It” – Enrique Iglesias
“#thatPOWER” – Will I Am
“Right Round” – Flo Rida
“Airplanes” – B.o.B.
“Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris
“Madness” – Muse

Smooth-Walking Playlist
“Say” – John Mayer
“Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis
“Life is a Highway” – Rascal Flatts
“Free Falling” – Tom Petty
“Better Life” – Keith Urban
“Brand New Day” – Sting
“Breakdown” – Tom Petty
“Cooler Than Me” – Mike Posner
“Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” – KT Tunstall
“Bent” – Matchbox Twenty
“The Sky’s the Limit” – Jason Derulo
“I Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Buble

Make a BPM playlist in iTunes

If you’re a runner, typically you’ll find your best groove running to songs that contain 160-180 beats per minute (BPM). Alternatively, you can listen to 80-90 BPM songs and adjust your stride to every other beat. If you want to create a BPM-specific playlist on iTunes, follow these directions: 

  • Go to File and select New Smart Playlist
  • Match the Rule to “BPM is in the range 178 to 182.” (Or pick whatever range you prefer for your runs)
  • Check Live Updating and then whenever you add tracks to iTunes, and now make sure to enter the BPM in the track info to every new song you add
  • Moving forward, your playlist will automatically update