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A New Year, A Better You, Part II

A New Year, A Better You, Part II
If you’re the type who wants to thrive rather than survive, there’s a path you can travel that doesn’t only bring you to your destination, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable every step of the way. As Robert Frost so eloquently wrote in his timeless masterpiece, “The Road Not Taken,”
“…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I  took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” This is the path to becoming better…to mastering this experience of being human while here on earth.

awesome (and simple!) steps you can take to become a better you


If you really want to rock this year, instead of becoming a “new” you, commit to a better you. Following are Five Simple Steps on how to honor this commitment and make 2015 your best year EVER.

  1. Take some “me-time” with yourself and loved ones to get in touch with ALL there is to be grateful for. Gratitude is one of the most profound secrets to manifesting the life you otherwise only dream of. It is the key to unlocking the mystery of why some seemingly get everything they want, while others struggle endlessly and never seem to get close to living a life they love. The law of attraction is activated to its zenith when you realize: the only thing that separates what you think about and what you get, is the perspective in which you perceive it.If you focus on events and occurrences from a negative outlook, then you will attract exactly what you don’t want…more negative. When you learn to be grateful for all experiences—whether they show up as negative or positive—you become present to the reality that everything really is perfect and necessary for you to become the person you are and want to be. You can’t get “there” without going through “here.”
  2. Once you realize there is nothing missing in your life and you are complete and whole just as you are, only then can you take the next steps of manifesting your destiny. The next step to creating a better you is to get crystal clear on exactly what you want. Make sure to set goals in all seven areas of your life: Spiritual, Mental, Social, Physical, Vocational, Family and Financial. The likelihood you’ll get what you think about is directly related to the level of specificity you put into clarifying your dreams and desires in each area.For example, if you want a new home, you must get clear on exactly what you really want other than just a “new home.” Where is it? What style is it? Is it new construction, a rehab, an older home or are you going to build it from scratch? How many rooms are in it? How many levels does it have and why? Is it modern, classic, contemporary, traditional, ranch or country design? How much does it cost? What is the neighborhood like? The questions can seem endless; however, the intensity to which you take time to answer them in detail will direct the Universe to provide you with all of the people, resources and information necessary for you to attain your heart’s desire.
  3. After you’re clear on exactly what you want, WRITE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS DOWN. As simple as this is, most people just won’t do it. After you have written them down, put a “by when” date on each intended result. This step is as important as the exercise. If you don’t put a “by when” date, it becomes a wishful fantasy and not a reality in your brain and spirit. Understand that your brain does not separate what you experience as real and what you think about as real. This is why Dr. John DeMartini says, “What you think about and thank about, comes about.”
  4. With your list in hand, in your mind and written down, you can now focus your attention on designing a plan to achieve each objective. One of the simplest ways to do this is to answer the five W’s (who, what, when, where and why) for each goal. This will lead you to the logistics and specifics needed to accomplish each desire. Once you have a plan to attain your intentions, you now have to take the biggest step of all…
  5. TAKE ACTION! This is where the rubber meets the road, the men and women separate themselves from the boys and girls and all true achievement is accomplished. Every journey begins the same way…with the first step. No matter how small a step it may seem to you, take it! Gaining momentum towards your dreams and desires is the absolute hardest part of all; however, once you have it, it propels you to heights otherwise unimagined. One of the best ways to insure that you get and stay in motion is to enroll a partner, or hire a coach or mentor to keep you accountable on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For most people, it’s really easy to give up on yourself, however it’s twice as hard to give up on someone else when they are counting on you and you are counting on them. Remember, all of the above four steps will be for naught unless you follow through on this one and TAKE ACTION!

As a human race, we stand on the precipice of the greatest age of achievement ever known to mankind. The Internet has flattened the world and allowed access to information, people and resources that less than two decades ago was only available to the rich and powerful.

As a result, the antiquated rules of success have been obliterated and replaced with unbridled opportunity for those willing to embrace and seize it for themselves. It’s been said that  “luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.” The aforementioned five steps are your preparation for a new year and a better you. The door of opportunity is wide open.


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