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Turned 49 and Here’s what I’ve Learned

Turned 49 and Here’s what I’ve Learned
I was born October 13, 1965. A couple of weeks ago, I turned 49 years young. My parents were real sticklers as to the importance of education. Not just book learning, but life learning. They taught me that every day brings with it a gift—the gift of learning something amazing that you didn’t know before. In many ways, I have never grown past the little child that found magic in everything around him. Now that my 49th year is here, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned—on my own and from others—with you.

  1. Growing older is the same as getting better. With every year comes a, “Wow, if I would’ve known that before…”
  2. Competition is what makes us great. You may not always win; however, not trying is the epitome of failure.
  3. If you like steak, great wines or even working long hours, find ways to enjoy these things without guilt. We’re all going to die…we should die having enjoyed the things we love!
  4. The secrets to success aren’t really secrets at all; it’s just that so few people are willing to do the work.
  5. Listen way more than you speak. Most people care more about the impact you’ll have on them than they do about you personally.
Inspirational life lessons learned

  1. We are truly powerful beyond measure. It really is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
  2. To be excellent in anything, it takes doing that one thing only. Otherwise, we’ll be jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none.
  3. Most of us learn how much something means once it is gone. I’ve decided to enjoy it all now…it is worth it.
  4. The quality of our relationships truly defines our wealth here on earth.
  5. Sitting in front of the idiot box for hours on end, whether playing video games or watching TV, is making us dumb.
  6. As a kid, I drank tap water, ate food with dirt on it and rarely washed my hands. I’m still alive…go figure?
  7. We need to keep a mirror with us at all times. When judging others, start first by looking in it.
  8. Shakespeare was right; there really is no good or bad, It’s our thinking that makes it so.
  9. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. However, those wounds sure do leave some awesome scars!
  10. Life is lived forward and understood backwards.
  11. There is nothing greater to accomplish while living here on earth than loving others unconditionally, starting with you!
  12. The greater the prize, the greater the price. And remember, the prize is always greater!
  13. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know and how much more there is to learn.
  14. If someone has done something you haven’t and you’d like to; when you’re around them – shut up, listen and learn. Your opinions don’t matter…if they did, you would’ve done it already.
  15. It’s not important what others think of you. All that matters is what YOU think of you. Believe in your greatness

Thanks for letting me share. I can’t wait to see what I learn from ya’ll this year! Live passionately, life’s too short not to!


Brett Penager
Brett Penager