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Show Up for Showtime

Show Up for Showtime
Recently, after returning from a business trip, I was blessed to have a chance meeting that left me with an indelible impact forever. While waiting for a shuttle, I met a couple, Connie and Keith, from the great state of Texas. Though ordinary at first glance, their lives were far from it.

While talking about the contrast of the Texas heat and humidity and Chicago’s cold and snow, a fantastic world of adventure opened up. I discovered that in their 22-year marriage, Connie and Keith had lived all over the United States, in Iowa, Colorado and Louisiana, to name a few.

“Shoot, we moved nine times in the first nine years we were married,” Keith shared. They were humble and down to earth, and I soon realized Connie and Keith were actually residents of the world.

Connie, having spent a year and a half with her daughter living in Asia, shared of her experiences while traveling to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and Korea. “It’s amazing to see and experience the other cultures of the world,” she said. “One thing you really start to understand is how fortunate we are to live here in the United States.” 

How to make the most of your life

Like mom and dad, their two children are “wanderers.” Their son was on a missionary trip tackling human trafficking issues in some of the poorest of countries. When I asked if there were any trips coming up, Keith nonchalantly said, “Yeah, Connie’s headed to Africa in June.” To which Connie replied, “And Keith’s headed to China next month.”

And then she said what made the adventures of Connie and Keith worth sharing with you today, “I figure we’ve got to show up for showtime. Life is kinda like ‘showtime’ and we might as well give it our best, right?”

If we live life like there are no tomorrows, one day we will be right. And at that time, we’ll have lived a life void of what we would’ve, should’ve and could’ve done. Linda Ellis sums it up best in her poem, “The Dash.

When you “show up for showtime,” there will be no question as to your answer. Thank you, Connie and Keith.


Brett Penager
Brett Penager