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Chiro One Wellness Centers Forge Partnership with Medulla LLC

Oak Brook, Illinois – Chiro One Wellness Centers chiropractic offices partnered with healthcare management company Medulla LLC on July 18, 2014 to provide the management and administrative functions for all of the Chiro One Chicagoland offices. Medulla will manage the real estate, supplies, marketing and office administrative support for those offices, which will remain open throughout the transition. Medulla has taken over for Chiro One Wellness Centers, LLC, the management company that previously supported the offices.  Chiro One chiropractic offices are independently owned.

“This strategic partnership is an exciting change for the Chiro One chiropractic offices,” says Medulla CEO, Dr. Stuart Bernsen. “Partnering with Medulla strengthens their teams and their skillsets, leaving them stronger than ever on their path to helping all human beings discover their full potential through chiropractic care. Chiro One and Medulla are primed and ready to forge ahead in the changing healthcare industry.” Dr. Bernsen will lead the partnership venture as Medulla’s CEO.

Through the Medulla partnership, Chiro One chiropractic offices, a leading voice in the chiropractic field across the country, are better prepared than ever to deliver on the promise of extraordinary, patient-centric chiropractic care for their patients. “From our patients’ perspective, the new partnership will not result in any changes. Our offices will still look and feel the same as always,” reports Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Sam Wang. “Our commitment to wellness remains steadfast and our chiropractic providers will continue to provide the same high quality care, thanks to the support of Medulla LLC.”

There are 41 Chiro One Wellness Centers in the Chicagoland area. With the sole purpose of educating families and individuals to lead extraordinary lives of health and wellness, Chiro One chiropractic offices offer affordable chiropractic care to all who seek it. They share how an optimal functioning spine and nervous system can allow everyone to experience incredible health.

Medulla LLC provides management solutions to healthcare organizations. Facilitating administrative functions such as human resources, marketing, information technology, training and operations, Medulla allows physicians and clinicians to do what they do best–provide world-class patient care.