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Giving Back is a Yearly Tradition at Chiro One Wellness Centers

Oak Brook, Illinois – Since its forming in 2007, Chiro One Wellness Centers has been a company committed to giving back to the communities it serves, especially at holiday time. Just this past December, employees and patients representing Chiro One’s numerous offices donated over $66,000 in Christmas gifts to children in Illinois, Kentucky and Texas, reaching more than 1,500 children in Illinois alone.

“It is the generosity of our team members and our patients that made it possible for these families to have a Christmas this year,” says Chiro One Community and Cultural Development Manager, Denise Voorhees. “We thank everyone who donated this year and look forward to continuing the tradition next year.”

About Chiro One Wellness Centers

Chiro One Wellness Centers’ vision is that all human beings discover their full potential.  We support that vision by providing corrective wellness-based chiropractic services and resources. Our goal is to share the importance of an optimal functioning spine and nervous system and play an integral role in the overall wellness of individuals, companies and communities. For more information about Chiro One Wellness Centers, please visit www.chiroone.net.